Power generators manufactured by SET – GmbH are a small group of mobile generators used in specialized army vehicles, also in the police, fire brigades, communication vehicles, specialized containers, TV transmission vehicles, railways, border guards and others with a unique operating parameters.


20 years in the equipment of the Polish army

  • generate a voltage of 230V / 400V
  • produced on the basis of diesel engines
  • operate on the diesel oil, F-34, F-35 fuel and other NATO fuels
  • various models in the power range from 2kW to 38 kW
  • economical fuel consumption
  • reliable in the temperature range from -32°C to + 55°C
  • very low noise level: up to 56 dB (for engines at 1500 rpm) and up to 63 dB (for engines at 3000 rpm)
  • operation slop angle up to 35°
  • can be supplied from their own fuel tank or from the vehicle’s tank
  • unique cooling system – a separate liquid circuit for the generator and engine
  • built in special soundproof and dustproof capsules
  • equipped with a double vibration damping system
  • possibility of using the cooling system of the generator to heat the vehicle/container
  • reliable operation in extreme climatic conditions

Devices and accessories are available in various assembly configurations. Our company can adjust the mounting method according to the customer’s needs.

Eko-Moto are the technical and sales representative of the SET company in Poland.

Except of sales activity, we provide our customers with warranty and post-warranty service.

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