Engine Heaters

The colder it is outside, the more you gain by using an engine heater, but you can also use your engine heater in summer with a clear conscience. Irrespective of the time of year, warming up the engine prior to start-up reduces the level of wear. By avoiding cold starts you cut down on fuel consumption, resulting in reduced carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

Engine block heaters

Installed in the engine block (in existing technological holes). Selected individually for the engine model.


Connected to the cooling system outside the engine block using a hose connection (20 mm). As with the insertion heater, the PH is based on the self-circulation principle and fulfils all requirements that can be set for a heating system. Our thoroughly-tested PH engine heaters are equipped with an overheating guard and a thermostat and are supplied complete with a plug-in connector and connecting cable.


Calix Continuously Variable Heater (CVH) adjusts the heating performance gradually when the cooling water temperature increases. The performance of the heater is 500W and can be increased up to 750W with Calix circulation pump system. The CVH is designed for engines with 4 up to 16 litre cooling system.

Tank and oil heaters

Heating mats and several types of heaters for hydraulic fluids intended for heating oil in gears or engines. The heating mats are intended only for metal fuel tanks.

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