Battery chargers

Today’s modern vehicles consist of a great deal of electrical equipment that continuously uses a small amount of power, even when the vehicle is turned off. This means the battery is always working. 

With an automatic charger with a so-called switch- technique from Calix, you will always have a fully charged battery. If a power source is turned off because of the battery being totally discharged, important settings in the vehicle might be gone. This is something that often leads to expensive visits to the garage. Calix battery chargers can manage parallel loads. It means that if there is a consumer (light, radio etc.) during the charging the charger will take this into account and will supply the consumer with power at the same time as charging the battery.

Our battery chargers are approved for a set installation and naturally S branded. They meet all requirements and standards. They are available with 12 and 24 volts. We have a broad selection of chargers with models suitable for most needs. They are made to handle most climates and work perfectly at temperatures of -40 C° to +60 C°. They are approved for outdoor and handle dust and rain. They are also excellent for professional vehicles and machines.

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