Generators and chillers MLS

  • Manufactured on the basis of diesel engine with a power range from 2 to 40 [kW].
  • Except of ready-made solutions, MLS offer an individual design adapted to project requirements.
  • Positive tested and qualified for purpose of military projects in Poland.
  • Marvin Land Systems cooperate with the largest suppliers of military equipment in the US, offering their products and service for many years.

10 kW APU

available from ABRAMS M1A2, version SEPv3

MLS custom designed Chillers and Heat Exchangers dedicated for the industrial environment with a long service life in mind. Our products meet standards required by NATO army forces.

5 kW APU

liquid cooled

5 kW APU

air cooled


cooling systems

3 kW APU

liquid cooled


axial, vane

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