TurboHD monitoring

The introduction of TurboHD technology marks the beginning of a new era for the CCTV market: HD video transmission over coaxial cable and Tribrid compatibility – This revolutionary technology represents a real breakthrough in the evolution of analog broadcasting.

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Key Features:

  • 720p/1080p resolution
  • Real-time image transmission
  • HD signal transmission up to 500m
  • Use of standard coaxial cables
  • TURBO HD recorders can process video signals from analog cameras, HDTVI and megapixel IP cameras
  • Prices lower than IP technology

Turbo HD Monitoring id an enlargement of traditional analog monitoring based on HD-TVI Technology (Turbo HD; High Definition Transport Video Interface) – created recently, still operating on coaxial cables. Offers resolutions up to 1080p, very high resistance to electromagnetic interference, low delays caused by distance and signal decoding (video is not compressed). It is backwards compatible with analog technology, migration from older systems is limited to the replacement of end devices, without the need to rebuild the installation. We can easily replace the elements of the existing installation one by one, starting with the recorder and ending with cameras. Compared to technologies based on a coaxial cable, the image in HD-TVI technology looks the most natural, best reflects colors and details and has the highest contrast (clearly visible with sudden and sharp changes in colors).

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