UFD-200 (eng)


The filter-ventilation device can operate in two modes: clean ventilation and filter-ventilation mode, supplying the sealed room with purified air (using an appropriate combined filter) and creating an overpressure inside the room to prevent contaminated air from getting inside.

The filter ventilation device, when connected to the selected combined filter, cleans the air of the following agents:

  • radioactive and neutral dust
  • aggressive and neutral fumes
  • aerosols, war gases and vapors, poisons and biological agents

The recommended overpressure in the room is between 100 Pa – 300 Pa, with the recommended clean air capacity of 20 m3 per person.

The UFD-200 filtering device is intended for installation outside and inside sealed containers, construction machinery cabins and special vehicles.

UFD-200 can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically.

The UFD-200 filtering device meets the requirements of the Defense Standard NO-42-A213: 2011.

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